Accident Evaluation

We have experience investigating many types of accidents involving various vehicles and related equipment. Our team of experts performs on-site scientific investigation and analysis of the accident location and involved vehicles. This allows us to carefully evaluate the contributing factors in an accident.

  • Passenger Cars
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Pedestrians
  • Roadway Related Issues
  • Tire Failures
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-road Vehicles
  • Bicycles
  • Human Factors
  • Equipment Failure

Evans and Associates

  • Accident scene examination and vehicle inspections.
  • Detailed photographs and survey measurements.
  • Documentation and preservation of remaining physical evidence.
  • Documentation of roadway geometry.
  • Brake testing and evaluation.
  • Video documentation.
  • Human factors analysis.
  • Component failure analysis.
  • Vehicle and occupant movement.
  • Speed-time-distance analysis.
  • Graphical Illustrations/Forensic Animations
  • Crash Data Retrieval System. This system allows us to download vehicle data directly from the vehicle’s air bag module. This data includes Vehicle speed, Engine speed, Brake status, Throttle position, Driver’s seat belt switch, Passenger air bag enabled, SIR warning lamp status, Time from vehicles impact to airbag deployment, Ignition cycle count, Maximum Velocity Change (Delta V)
  • Heavy Truck ECM Downloads

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